Tuesday, December 02, 2008


RAW RECAP 12/01/08

Wrestling last night was totally sweet!
Chris Jericho was is usual douchey self which is getting better every single week. I'm already sick of seeing John Cena and he just came back from injury. Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler of all time, but I'm not sure how much I'm going to like this new feud with JBL where Shawn Michaels is poor because of the bad economy so he has to decide if he is going to beat JBL's ass or work for him? Whaaaat? CM Punk and Kofi were awesome as usual. Now on to the best moments of RAW!

Santino is the best part of RAW every week for the most part. He doesn't even wrestle half of the time. This week he did some nice commentary during a divas match, but it was total gold when he tried to do Melina's doing-the-splits-and-going-under-the-bottom-rope entrance. Then Goldust showed up! Awesome! The video is below, the good stuff doesn't start til after the match.

This week's RAW also had the in ring debut of Dolph Ziggler. He's been in the back introducing himself to everyone for months now and I wasn't that impressed (especially since he used to be in The Spirit Squad) but he was actually pretty awesome. The fact that he kept introducing himself during the whole match made it even better.

Michael Cole pretty much blows as a wrestling announcer, but he seems like a nice guy. He said that Rey Mysterio was "like a sorcerer in there." That was funny.

Randy Orton showing up at the end and looking like he was covered in grease was another highlight of the evening.

I'm done!