Saturday, November 29, 2008

Devourer of Cuteness

I want this lil' guy so bad! I've been searching high and low at the local Wal-Mart's, Target's, Toys 'R' Usz, and still nothing! I could just order it online, but it'll cost me an extra 8 bucks for shipping and there's no fun in the hunt if I do that. When I do finally track down this mighty Galactus Mighty Mugg it's going to throw off the whole setup of my computer desk because right now Wolverine and Iron Man are guarding the sides of it with Shawn Michaels at the top (as he should be.) When Galactus comes home, I have nooooo idea where I'm going to put the little feller. It's stressing me out. I'm up to here. I will find you Galactus and you will find a nice place to sit in my room.