Sunday, December 14, 2008


In the past couple of weeks I have gotten a few super awesome things that I would like to share with you. Here they are in order of gettingness:

Awesome Thing #1 - Awesome Old Lady Robot Shades

I've been trying to hunt down some awesome old lady sunglasses for awhile now, but haven't been able to find any! It looked like all hope was lost when Elly found some completo neato shades in some small town Missouri place she went to for Thanksgiving. I don't think there could be shades any more awesome than these. I was extremely afraid that I would lose them or break them and would never be able to get any more. I tracked them down online and will able to purchase more if need be! It also turns out that they are safety glasses instead of sunglasses. It feels the same to me!

Awesome Thing #2 - Somewhat Kick-Ass ski mask

I went shopping @ The Granite City Salvation Army a week or two ago with my pal Christopher. I usually find a sweet bounty every time I go there, but this time I didn't find diddly shit (Chris got the few good things that were there) BUT BUT BUT BUT but but but I did find this sweet ski mask that looks kinda like the mask that Kick-Ass wears in the comic book Kick-Ass. It's not exactly the same, but it's green and yellow and can be modified a bit to look more like his. Nice! I think that finding this ski mask was a sign that I need to write a song about Kick-Ass and make a video of me dressed up like Kick-Ass kicking people's asses. Kick-Ass! Here's what Kick-Ass looks like in case you didn't know:

Awesome Thing #3 - Galactus Mighty Mugg

I went to Toys R Us to look for wrestling toys as usual a few weeks back and saw that there was a Galactus Mighty Mugg figure! What! I immediately got super excited and went about hunting this fool down. My pal Greg called me up while I was on my initial search and informed me that Kevin (a dude we both know) had recently purchased one. Damn Kevin! So I spent the next few weeks going to all the Wal-Mart's, Target's, and Toys R Us over and over again hoping that Galactus would leap into my arms. I kept failing until I was talking to my mom on the phone about what she wanted for Christmas as I was walking in Toys R Us. Then I saw him. I ran down the aisle shrieking "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my GOD!" until I snagged the little fella and was on my way to the check out lane. Victory!

Welp, that's all the awesome things I can think of. They are very awesome.


Anonymous said...

Hey Corey, digging the three awesome things. I was wondering if you'd put up the old version of Touchy Feely because frankly, I miss it. I Miss you and can't wait to feel the rock on the 20th in Vandalia.

-Your #2 Fan!