Sunday, April 19, 2009

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My little hit counter says i've had 666 views.
I think that's a sign.

As I was at the Belleville Flea Market today looking through some old records and getting a boner for all the sweet album art, I realized that I should make an album again. It's been a little while. I think it is time. I say that a lot, but I mean it this time. I'm gonna need some sweet album art for it too.

I'm gonna give myself a couple months to finish it up, so let's say sometime in July or August it'll be done? Hopefully sooner, but knowing me it'll take forever.

Tentative list of songs that might make their way onto this album.

Moustache Girl
Throwin Up
Oh Yeah Oh Baby
2 Hot 2 Handle
Randy Savage
Number One Contender
I like marvel, you like dc
The Balls
Girl What Were You Thinking???
The Fever
That's What She Said
Totally Awesome

Some are old and some are new. Some are already made and some are just ideas. We'll see what happens. I like to change my old songs all the time because A) I think they're bad and B) Maybe I can make them better? We'll see what happens. Some songs from this "Turd Sandwich" EP thing are included because it was a turd sandwich so it doesn't count.

Tentative album titles:

The Self Destruction of Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship (it's winning so far)
Oh Yeah Oh Baby Oh Baby Oh Yeah (I like that too)
I'll probably come up with something else.

Thanks for being super awesome and being my friend, reading this, listening to my dumb music, coming to my dumb shows, putting up with me, and everything else. I really appreciate it all. You're awesome.

ummmm I guess that's all!

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bbor62 said...

Me has not been there in a while, but me wants to.