Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wrestlemania 25 predictions

Hi. I really like wrestling. I watch it all the time. I think about it all the time. So here are my predictions for Wrestlemania 25, which goes down in about a week's time.

The Miz and Morrison vs. The Colons
(match to unify the tag team titles)
The WWE as pretty much written off the tag team division. It totally sucks because there could be some super awesome amazing tag matches, buuuut they've sucked the life out of the division. There's just no good tag teams really. The only good tag team right now is Miz and Morrison. They should win this match and probably will. Miz and Morrison were never my favorites, but they're entertaining to watch. Miz is a much better wrestler than most people give him credit for and I'm not sure why Morrison isn't at least Intercontinental or US Champion. The only reason for these dudes to lose the match is if they are gonna split them up.

25 Diva Battle Royale
Sadly, the women's wrestling in the WWE is pretty awful. I hate to say it, but every week I don't even want to watch their matches. I really don't care who wins this match. Santino might end up in the match, so he could win. I'd like to see Maryse win just because I think she's an awesome heel diva. I really wish I'd get to see Santino wrestle a match and not made a complete joke for once. Oh well.

JBL vs. Rey Mysterio
I've heard rumors of JBL retiring at Wrestlemania with the IC title. It seems like a kinda lame way out. He should go out with a bang, but oh well. People are gonna boo the man when he's retiring, if that is in fact what's happening. JBL should win though. Rey Mysterio needs to go home and stay there.

Money in the Bank
I hope this match is awesome. It usually is, but there's some big problems this year, mainly Kane and Mark Henry. What the hell are they gonna do? Finlay even. Come on. I'd looooooove to see Shelton Benjamin win this one and FINALLY get to where he should be in the WWE. They took the US title off of him and gave it to MVP a week or two ago, sooo it looks like MVP won't be winning. It's gotta be Christian or Shelton. CM Punk won't go two times back to back. I'm leaning towards Christian, but Shelton needs to win this one. Come on WWE.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
I don't really care about this one either. I've never been a fan of the Hardy's buuut whatever. Jeff is already super over, so I think they should let Matt win this one and build him as a heel, they can drag this one out til Summerslam at least.

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels will lose. It's lame. I don't want him to, but he's gonna. I hate it. Ever since Undertaker and HBK fought at some Royal Rumble back in the day and Shawn's back exploded causing him to retire and causing my childhood to be awful, I've wanted HBK to come back and get his revenge on The Undertaker. Sooo having him be just another asshole on Undertaker's list of Wrestlemania conquests isn't exactly the vision I had. I don't see why they'd end Undertaker's streak with HBK, I mean it should happen, but HBK isn't gonna gain anything from it. I don't know. I wish this match wasn't happening. I'm sure it'll be awesome, but I want HBK to win.

Jericho vs. Tito, Snuka, and Piper
WTF? This is gonna be a shitfest. Snuka and hardly walk. I'm pretty sure they couldn't get Hogan, Austin, or Mickey Rourke to do it and had to scramble at the last minute and throw this shit together. Jericho deserves better than this crap.

Edge vs. Cena vs. Big Show
This could be a good time, but probably not. I hope Edge wins. I think Big Show deserves the title, but he just can't seem to get the crowd behind him as a good guy or a bad guy. In WCW he was the fucking Giant and people were like WTF!! OH SHIT!! all the time, but he's old news now and no one cares. I like him, but he needs a mean streak or something. Make him go around chokeslamming the shit out of everything that moves. That'd be awesome. Switching his move to the "Knockout punch" is as retarded as giving the big show a submission hold as a finisher, which they did before. So dumb. So yeah, Cena doesn't need the title anymore. I'm sick of seeing it. Edge needs to hang on to this bad boy until Big Show turns into a badass.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton
I think the buildup for this match has been pretty good. I hate Randy Orton so much. I think he's a total douchebag on wrestling aaaand he seems like one in real life as well. Triple H has never been my favorite either. I just can't get over the fact that he's had the title a retarded amount of times, will end up having it more times than Ric Flair, annnd that Shawn Michaels, who is 400x the wrestler Triple H is, hasn't had the world title that many times. Bullshit. Anyway, I wasn't really caring that much about this match until last week's RAW. Randy Orton gave Stephanie McMahon the craziest DDT I've seen in awhile and then smooooooched her!! Then he hits Triple H with a sledgehammer. Badass. I hate to say it, but I'm starting to like Randy Orton. Hopefully it won't last long, but right now I'm digging him. Randy Orton should win this match. He needs to solidify himself as the baddest ass in the land, and this would help. Triple H gains nothing from beating Randy Orton.


Swoll said...

I can verify that Randy Orton is super nice in person. I've met him at 3 different signings and he's been cool everytime. I hope he wins too. As for the other matches, I think MNM (Miz n Morrison), Christian, Rey, Jeff, Undertaker, Legends, and I'm hoping for the return of Trish Stratus for the diva match. And what I've been hoping for is for Edge to keep the belt so Christian can use MITB to fight him and get himself off ECW.